spammer alert? please prove me wrong . . .

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spammer alert? please prove me wrong . . .

Postby gozer » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:29 pm


if u needed anything else to tell u this idu$try was a racket and a vacuum activity or worse for the kind of self-righteous busybodies who read the first sentence of a press release then put it down to slam some jägermeister and/or some c-jam up their arm and/or their secretaries on the desk* like tom cotton, joe machin, former cong kelly ayotte and others who want to grab headlines and beat on an opponent that they cannot see and think will not hit back . . . or your local busybodies who are probably dumpster diving for hooch and cigs at night. the f d a and d e a had more than enough power without those arse-clowns getting into the act . . .

to the would be advertiser: u know, "advertising" on forums isn't any more effective and even especially busy admins and moderators can get third-party scanners (which are simple to write anyways) to come up with a list of possible spammers and some even can adaptively update a general profile . . . the algorithm knows simpletons like that better than u know yourselves . . .

* perfectly acceptable activities given some common sense preliminaries which they should have learned as pre-adolescents, but since so many of them condemn each other and call each other predators almost as a reflex, you've got to wonder . . .

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