Haunted Hustle run Oct 13

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Haunted Hustle run Oct 13

Postby Beaver » Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:43 pm

Another race that will be in the rain. The costumes may keep them dry.

3rd Annual Summit Credit Union Haunted Hustle Marathon,
Half Marathon, 10K, and 10K Stroller Derby

In the event of lightening we may delay the start of your event.
• Delays will occur in 30 minute increments. For example, if the 7:30am start time is delayed, the next possible start time would be 8:00am. If delayed again, the next possible start time would be 8:30am and so on.
• A minimum 15 minutes difference between race distance starts will be maintained. For example if the delayed marathon started at 8:30am, the earliest start for the half marathon would be 8:45am. If the half marathon started at 8:45am, the earliest 10k start would be 9:00am.
In the extremely unlikely event that we are forced to delay an event for more than 3 hours the event(s) will be cancelled.

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