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Re: War movies

Postby Marvell » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:26 am

penquin wrote:
Marvell wrote:The Big Red One. Which I had the good fortune to see at the Orpheum during the Wisconsin Film Festival a number of years ago.

Was the one you saw at the film-fest the "Reconstruction" release they did around 2004 or the original 1980 version? I have yet to see the newer one and am curious as to how it compares to the original.

It was the 'reconstruction.' Which is itself a bit of a mis-nomer; according to Fuller's autobiography, the 'director's cut' he originally submitted was over 4 hours long. The original release version was 116 minutes long; the 'reconstruction' clocked in at 160 minutes.

In his book, Fuller was philosophical about the cuts; he had been trying to get the movie made for the better part of two decades, so he was thrilled that it came out at all. Apparently they cut out a lot of the death camp sequence, and that's a lot of what was restored for the 2004 re-release.

Having only seen the 'reconstruction,' I can't say what was specifically different. But it's hard to imagine cutting essentially a third of the film that I saw without it being significantly harmed.

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