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local geography & elections

Postby gozer » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:56 pm

i have been wondering something all day: i was at walgreen's and someone two spots in the queue ahead of me was talking about one of his co-workers or boss or someone and the person with whom he had come said something like "u know, the other day he was saying u were a pimpstick . . ." so the first person goes:

"well, it figures -- that guy is a shit-head . . . fucken fuck-brain . . . fucken fuck that motherfucker! fuck all those bitching motherfuckers who are always starting shit!"

the second person and a third start laughing, and the first starts rolling his eyes and says a bit louder "look, that guy sucks donkey dick, okay? he is, he is like the mayor of f*gg*t town, all right? he screws his sister and lives in a gas [petrol] station . . ." which seemed contradictory to the other statement . . .

the rest of the conversation was not complimentary about whomever this was. i assumed that he meant that the guy was not someone he liked very much, but then i started to wonder if this fellow was actually a mayor of a city, village or town around here someplace by that name . . . is there? named after the inhabitants or someone by that actual surname? back in austria there is actually a town named fucking and another one in germany called titz . . .

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