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Re: Phone scam

Postby Shorty » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:17 am

Iowa woman tricked out of $112,000 after looking for love online ... ve-online/

"It was a factory he was building, and I believed him," Linda said. The mystery man, supposedly named Mark, told Linda he needed money for this lucrative project, promising to pay Linda back with double the money she gave him.

The first check she wrote was money out of her retirement savings, $48,000. It didn't stop there. "I did several charge cards I had, and I maxed them out. He always liked good clothes, good quality clothes," Linda said. They were separate charges to places like Best Buy, Von Maur, Verison and Federal Express landing Linda with a grand total bill of $112,513.

After a year, Linda sought help from law enforcement who did some digging on "Mark." "Anybody who asks for money, it's always going to be a scam. No exceptions," the head of Clinton County's Seniors vs. Crime unit Randy Meier said. Meier wanted to find out exactly who "Mark" really was.

"He responded by producing a passport. It looks really good, but it's fake. We know they're based in West Africa. We know the money went to Ghana or other west African countries in that vicinity. Other than that, it's difficult to identify the person," Meier said."

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