"Murder after Birth"

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Re: "Murder after Birth"

Postby gozer » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:37 am

you must be joking
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Re: "Murder after Birth"

Postby you must be joking » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:11 am

snoqueen wrote:1) When in an argument one party invokes a deity or the afterlife, you know he's run out of actual points to be made and has to rely on the threat of the supernatural;

2) Arguing about access to abortion is like arguing with a vegan.

Okay Sno, I get your point.

So let's make this a bit more real. How about we examine the idea that on the fact that we have gone from the idea of abortion being "safe, legal and rare". When abortion was done on a "unviable" clump of cells" that was not a child.

When a late term abortion was only to preserve the "life of the mother", to now living in a society that openly admits to wanting to have INFANTICIDE.

There are those in power in our society that want the ability to decide the definition of when a person is a person, as New York did in stating that a person is only a person after they have been born. Or Virginia tried to do in saying that a person is only a person after they are born and WANTED!

And considering the move toward some sort of national health care plan as is being proposed by the Democrats.

Well, just how long do you think, and what will be the next group of what are now considered PEOPLE to be considered as expendable because they cost too much?

The developmentally disabled?

Children born with birth defects?

How about the elderly who are for the most part, "bedridden" or those who have memory care issues?

Or how about the opinions of those who just piss off the people who are in power at the moment?

The sad thing is, we now live in a society that pays hitmen to murder unborn children. The people in our society are good with, or at the very least ambivalent to the murders of those children. So in my book, it won't be long before other "undesirables" meet the same fate.

If you want a dystopian world that is a cross between 1984 and the Hunger Games knock yourself out. As for me, I want no part of it.

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Re: "Murder after Birth"

Postby Cadfael » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:28 am

Actually most of the disadvantaged children you mention ARE allowed to suffer because they cannot pay. Some of them are helped by charity, but most definitely not all of them. Your government, which you wish to legislate against OTHER issues, does not mandate their health or care.

If you were really interested in the lives of all those people you talk about, you would have been talking about them, and advocating for governmental intervention, long before now. The only reason they matter now is because they appear to you to be good talking points.

At this very moment, when you could be advocating for them, you choose to advocate for a nonexistent issue, and you use their suffering like an object. You are not a Christian.

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Re: "Murder after Birth"

Postby snoqueen » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:46 am

...If you were really interested in the lives of all those people you talk about, you would have been talking about them, and advocating for governmental intervention...

The big flashing hypocrisy sign lights up every time. What about health care for already-born children? What about affordable birth control? And health care for mothers, at all stages? What about funds for those who have a complicated and expensive pregnancy, birth, or special-needs babies? What about child care, so the moms can work and support their children? (Do the math -- that doesn't happen on the average working mom's paycheck.) What about family leave, so parents can stay home and take care of the littlest babies?

Nope. None of that. Just yelling about one point, devoid of any context.

Why does this remind me of the gun-deaths issue, where all they focus on is "right to bear arms" with no larger context of consequences and causes?

You can't solve social problems by simply repeating one slogan. You have to dig behind that point to the complex facts. Otherwise you're just showing laziness and an inability to think for yourself.

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