General Mattis Offers Resignation as Secretary of Defense

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Re: General Mattis Offers Resignation as Secretary of Defense

Postby DCB » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:02 pm

pjbogart wrote:Do you think Republicans are more energized? The fringe lunatics are, but they're fed a steady diet of panic every time they turn on their radio. The fact that a Republican had to steal a Statewide election in Georgia doesn't bode well for them.

A certain subset of Republicans - including the fringe lunatics, the deplorables, etc. - are very energized by Trump. Granted, they are a minority; and his incompetence and fuckups is definitely turning off your run-of-the-mill conservative. But when it comes to elections, enthusiasm counts more than numbers.

I do get your point, though. How far can they go with this shit-show of stupid? Can they really keep rigging elections like this forever?

Counterpoint - they got away with it in Georgia. Here in WI, they'll probably get away with most of their lame duck power grab (even after lawsuits). I mean, one of the most powerful State legislators justified it by saying that he doesn't respect the votes from Madison and Milwaukee. With no repercussions.
In MI, the voters approved an anti-gerrymandering proposal. Yay! And immediately, the outgoing governor is supporting a lawsuit to overturn the results.

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Re: General Mattis Offers Resignation as Secretary of Defense

Postby Henry Vilas » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:32 pm

The United States will pull out of Syria only with assurances Turkey will not attack Kurdish allies there, national security adviser John Bolton told journalists on Sunday, according to reports.

Bolton might say that, but Trump might take a different course.

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