Trampoline parks

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Trampoline parks

Postby Beaver » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:17 am

There are at least two in town. Have you tried them? Sounds kind of fun but their waivers don't. ... 54#/accept
"Types of Risks. Some of the Activities available at Madhouse include, but are not limited to, general jumping, dodgeball, volleyball, tumbling, foam pit jumping, rock climbing and aerobics. There are inherent risks in participating in the Activities. Inherent risks might include those inherent in any trampoline jumping (e.g., landing wrong, over-exertion, unexpected failure of the trampoline surface or attachments). They may also include those related to the type of Activity (e.g., when playing dodgeball: being injured by the ball or colliding with other participants; volleyball: being injured by the ball, colliding with another participant, or colliding with the standard supporting the net; tumbling: landing wrong, collisions, or using improper form or technique; rock climbing : abrasions, muscle strains or anxiety and aerobics: over-exertion or muscle strains). Other inherent risks in the Activities include erratic co-participant behavior, unexpected equipment failure, and medical risks associated with physical exertion.

Types of Injuries. Madhouse feels that it is important that Participants understand the three types of injuries that can occur. First is the common minor injury. This type includes, but is not limited to, muscle strains and sprains, bruises, abrasions, and contusions. The second type of injury is the serious injury. Examples of serious injuries are broken bones, ligament and joint injuries, concussions, and eye injury. These are rare, but do occasionally occur. The third type of injury is the catastrophic injury. Some examples of catastrophic injury are brain injury, paralysis, heart attack, and death. Even though the likelihood of such an injury is remote, we feel that Participants should be aware of all possibilities.

Assumption of Risks. By signing this Agreement, entering the Premises and/or participating in the Activities, Adult Participant, on behalf of himself/herself, and on behalf of the Child Participant(s), warrants that he/she has read this Agreement in its entirety, acknowledges that the Activities contain inherent risks which vary with the activity, understands the demands of the Activities relative to a Participant’s physical condition and skill level, appreciates the types of injuries that may occur as a result of the Activities and their potential impact on safety, well-being, and lifestyle, and asserts that participation is voluntary and that Participant knowingly assumes all risks inherent with the Activities.

Release of Claims."

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