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Re: Colin Kaepernick

Postby jonnygothispen » Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:35 pm

Neat article...

"Pat Tillman's wife wants people to stop using her husband's legacy to fit their agenda" ... 52288.html

Since last year, I’ve watched from the background as professional athletes have taken a knee to draw attention to injustice and racial inequality in the United States. Pat was in the military, so many people want to attach a brand of blind allegiance to him and use him to argue that kneeling during the national anthem is unpatriotic. Pat was also against the Iraq War, so many others want to use him to argue against American involvement in overseas wars. His essence is bent to fit an agenda.

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Re: Colin Kaepernick

Postby gozer » Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:11 am

Paleo2 wrote:
Henry Vilas wrote:No Eagle players knelt during the National Anthem last season. Yet FOX News showed pictures of some players kneeling, only it was in prayer well before the Anthem was played. Typical disingenuous fake news on their part.

Fox News is very valuable.

Were it not for Fox News, we wouldn’t know about the palm trees in the state capitol.

i think there was another bill o show at the same time of two crowds of ring-tailed lemurs (lemur catta linnaeus 1758) chasing each other around a baobab tree after engaging in a stink fight right before the recall election . . .

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