Lady Liberty Weeps: Rahaf Alqunun Heads to Canada

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Lady Liberty Weeps: Rahaf Alqunun Heads to Canada

Postby pjbogart » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:34 pm

The United States no longer offers its shores as a bastion of freedom. When an 18 year-old Saudi woman renounced Islam and rejected arranged marriage, she fled to Thailand only to be detained, her passport confiscated and she barricaded herself in an airport hotel room seeking asylum and fearing for her life if she was returned to Saudi Arabia.

In Trump's America Saudi refugees are apparently unwelcome. Granted, it's not one of Trump's "shithole nations", but it spends a lot of money on arms, so assassinating journalists and violating numerous human rights including abhorrent treatment of women is A-OK with the Trump Administration. Rahaf Alqunun has been granted asylum in Canada, the Great White North, and Canada has made it clear that they're willing to butt heads with Saudi royalty in order to offer protection to asylum seekers. Saudi Arabia has recalled their diplomats and ordered Saudi students to return home but Canada, unlike The United States, has stood firm for the rights of women.

This is a shameful moment for The United States. The Statue of Liberty means nothing. ... me-n958046

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