the 202-year march

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the 202-year march

Postby gozer » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:49 am

Women Are On Track To Earn The Same As Men In 202 Years
New York--Bloomberg wire service and network, 17 December 2018 ... -202-years

and it looks like this is progress compared to recent years . . maybe there are all sorts of reasons for this but it seems very straightforward:

women could very well be 50 per cent ± 6 per cent of the workforce indefinitely, after all some colleges have up to 60-62 per cent female students . . . yet there is the issue of science, technology, engineering & maths fields, and it is not only a social justice issue but one having to do with how those sectors face the upcoming decades and what they do about it.

there are exceptions and overlap of course, since practically all of the identity is constructed, there are differences in the way many/most women deal with complexity, people, details and the like which is very beneficial and helpful to firms and industries and other related parts -- a balanced, diverse workforce imparts a big competitive advantage especially to firms having to compete with overseas counterparts. after all, there is a rather large axis of factions in the feminist movement that agree with this and point out that the feminist ideology is seeking to feminise something, right?

with all of their money and influence of various types, why exactly saudi arabia not the region's answer to japan, london, or new york? i would wager that the above is not at all irrelevant . . .

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