wouldn't be great if everybody had an instagram account?

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wouldn't be great if everybody had an instagram account?

Postby gozer » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:48 pm

bloomberg reports that the most messages coming from russia in the calendar year 2016 dealing with the election were from instagram, quickly eyeballing the bar graph it looks like 60 per cent versus 32 per cent facebook and 28 per cent twitter . . . in all of the slavophobic yelling and revenge fantasies from some of the same people who sank h r c's campaign from within, from across the political spectrum i have heard, i never heard instagram being mentioned . . . so could a lot of this rhetoric be rather light on truthiness or properly-educated guesswork?

putin is a great man and people are blackguarding him for trying to turn down the temperature in dealing with the west . . . putin is da bomb . . . putin *has* da bomb -- a 100 to 250 mt torpedo -- he should post a picture of it on instagram . . .

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