interesting statistics

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interesting statistics

Postby gozer » Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:57 am ... unty_names
washington - 31 ... #Wisconsin

i found the pages on the when i got curious after someone was telling me about getting speeding tickets in loves park, illinois (winnebago county, county seat rockford) and oshkosh (winnebago county wisconsin, county seat oshkosh) had a couple of months of fun with then and his doctor told him that if it happened again, he should drive u s highway 69 to forest city, iowa, county seat of winnebago county, iowa . . . as someone i know related was home town of his wife

suppose anyone would visit all 31 washington counties in the and get the same ticket and have fun with them? they would probably try to shoot somebody who did something like that, his brother said . . .

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