here we go again/69 problems/a new order shall now arise . . .

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here we go again/69 problems/a new order shall now arise . . .

Postby gozer » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:53 am

this newspaper story is from u s a today (arlington, va) from about five years ago -- a discussion about sarbanes-oxley brought this back to mind:

N.Y. teen turns in librarian whose flirting went too far
The Westchester Journal-News
18. january 2013
He got into her car for almost a half-hour and she gave him a back massage, which she continued inside his home. After he rejected her bedroom advances, he told police, "she seemed very offended and left immediately. Later on that day, she texted me and told me she wasn't offended."

Weeks later, she sent him "two pictures of her breasts" after he sent her a photograph of a penis that he downloaded from the Internet, he said in the statement. The teen told police that Anton kept asking to see him in late May and it made him nervous, prompting him to consult with a relative, and ultimately contact investigators . . .

(my emphasis)

isn't that academic misconduct -- sending someone photograph of another person's tower of power, a kind of tube steak plagiarism?

also -- there is really not the spectre of quid pro quo type transactional intercourse/frotteurism/tit fucking for students having sex with the librarian, lunch lady, people who re-load vending machines, custodians, parents of classmates, the school nurse, or the staff like principals, registrars, comptrollers, members of the board of education, instructors of classes already completed, building & grounds people, and also people like news presenters, book authors, politicians, neighbourhood association presidents, alumni &c coming to give speeches, present awards &c, . . . or building inspectors, notaries public, computer and copier repair people &c &c ?

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