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"fuck u?" "fuck u‽?!. . ."fuck me?" -- no ☛ *fuck u*

Postby gozer » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:38 am

https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-arab ... 1539522239

finally people in washington are taking their heads out of their arses concerning saudi arabia (capital: bumblefuck, fifth ring province . . . population 3 million) . . . let us hope the bowing and scraping many western powers and others have done to this gangster shit-head kingdom, working along with pakistan to create all sorts of problems . . . both of these fuckeads run the places where the traumatic birth of the xxi. century in new york, washington and shanksville, penisvania was cooked up and celebrated . . .that's right -- they were all gathered in karachi that day to watch their handiwork unfold: and their only complaint was that they couldn't do the entire list of 30-something targets all over the world including israel couldn't be done . . . maybe they are going to let women drive finally because hamas is saying they are running out of car bomb drivers . . . goat fucking motherfuckers! overcome evil

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