Duluth trading

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Duluth trading

Postby Beaver » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:32 am

Nice new bldng. Young looking woman president. But why isn't their hq in Duluth?

https://madison.com/business/duluth-tra ... dUeaq3f_44

"Stephanie Pugliese, who has been president of Duluth Trading Co. since 2012 and CEO since 2015, shows off the Ball Room, an employee meeting space on the fourth floor of the company's new corporate headquarters in downtown Mount Horeb. The 108,000-square-foot building is home to 205 employees and has room for growth. The headquarters had been located in Belleville, where the company still maintains its distribution center, call center and an outlet store. The Belleville operations can employ up to 1,300 people during peak season for the clothing company."

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Re: Duluth trading

Postby gozer » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:05 pm

there is more than one duluth . . . to wit one in georgia and an unincorporated village somewhere in north carolina, not to mention alaska, alberta, somewhere in the southern cone of south america . . . hell, they probably have them in antarctica, slovenia, mexico and who knows where else . . .

most assuredly not the only duluth in the world . . . a claim which waunakee and about 100 wisconsin municipalities as well as almost as many in iowa, minnesota, and michigan (combined or not) use as their town slogan . . . viroqua, boscobel, pardeeville, and many others make . . . which is just as well in the latter case -- being the birthplace and first preaching gig of rev gerald l k smith of western front, christian nationalist party, and cross & the flag fame; he lost his mind when the kingfish got whacked, or maybe he had some screws loose to begin with . . . why he couldn't leave the jewish community well enough alone and stop blaming them for everything i cannot fathom -- his people were spreading nasty leaflets on the east side of madison in 1988, then had people, or a person, with nasty signs picketing in royal oak, michigan in 1991 . . . I think he had kicked the bucket by then but had others to continue the cause . . . tried to hijack the townsend movement . . . some people have no shame, I guess . . . one more or less neutral and unobtrusive project in his later years was to erect a 900 pound jesus on top of a hill which could be seen in kansas, oklahoma, arkansas, and missouri --- a-ha! anal roberts wasn't putting people on after all: they needed the money for the marble and carving and shit . . . "i, uh, saw a 900 pound jesus in tulsa, oklahoma . . . "

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