Group of 100 teens threaten police

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Group of 100 teens threaten police

Postby Beaver » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:25 am

This was at Memorial h.s. after the football game Friday night. Sounds like more should have been arrested.

Group of 100 teens threaten police; one arrested ... /796259164

"Madison police reported a single arrest after 100 teenagers were "screaming and yelling at each other with multiple groups starting to fight" Friday night. According to officials, the incident began after a football game at Mansfield Stadium. Police were called to assist in controlling a group of "unruly" teenagers.

Upon arrival, officers reported seeing the group of teenagers getting involved in several fights in the parking lot and others moving toward other lots in the area, police said. According to police the teenagers were chanting "MPK," an acronym that stands for "Madison Police Killers." Officers also received direct threats."

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