GOP leadership wants to give blank check to lawyers

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GOP leadership wants to give blank check to lawyers

Postby penquin » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:31 am

Republican legislators have taken the first step to hiring private attorneys at taxpayer expense to fight a lawsuit challenging lame-duck laws that limit the power of Democratic officials and curtail early voting.

Top lawmakers were asked Wednesday to sign off on hiring lawyers without knowing what it would cost.

The effort comes at a time when Vos has refused to release a legal contract in another case that is expected to cost taxpayers at least $850,000

Republicans seeking to intervene in the case are using a provision of the lame-duck laws that gives legislative entities the automatic right to insert themselves into cases when statutes are challenged in court. ... 598211002/

These guys sure like to invite their law-firm buddies up to the public trough in order to feast, don't they? This is not only fiscally irresponsible but also smacks of nepotism, and I fail to see how any reasonable citizen could support it.

I called Senator Fitzgerald's office, as well as my State Representative, expressing my disapproval of this proposal. I urge everyone else to also contact their local officials if they agree this is a bad idea.

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