I C U B Playing A Double Game?

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I C U B Playing A Double Game?

Postby npler » Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:13 pm

Is this CBD we see advertised all over suddenly really some wonder drug or is it a way for some people to be able to claim that the obvious benefits that cannabis has for, among others, people with HIV/AIDS and being treated with chemotherapy for cancer with no appetite who cannot keep anything down, have nothing to do with THC and the basis for some kind of back door way to scuttle the whole project?

I honestly don't know, but I see that the Walker administration was quite enthusiastic about this, and I would classify most of his crew with the hysterical prohibitionist set. I have been interested in the cannabis issue from the standpoint of another cash crop becoming available for farmers and what big pharma, little pharma, and local pharmacists and people at home can do for sick people and, as is only fair, the bottom line and the stockholders and therefore the economy - hopefully local econony first and foremost.

I also think it is pretty sick that there are people who put so much energy into depriving other people of doing what makes them feel good and the whole thing rings of superstition and years from now will probably be ranked with the witch trials. This isn't to say there are not people without manure on their hands in this. I've noticed a lot of cheerleaders for cannabis storing up lots of bad karma for themselves and trouble for cancer patients and others with what certainly appear to be baseless claims of it being able to do by itself what opiates do for people in pain, and they started a few years back with throwing their tippling brothers and sisters under the Volkswagen bus with peace signs and pot leaves painted on it. Unfortunately, I am sure said cheerleaders have theirs and it will be the sick people run over again when it all shakes out.

I am not what one would call a Pot Enthusiast, but on this last full business day of the year 2018, I do have a joint a little bigger around than my thumb which I plan to fire up in celebration of the interruption of eight years of evil at 4:20 PM CST today. Rest in pieces, Walker-ism. May the associated legislative non-agenda go up in smoke. What would Lincoln think?

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