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Mandela for Lt Governor

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:16 pm
by Shorty
Youthful indiscretion? ... /808702751

"Wisconsin Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Mandela Barnes was tagged as the host of a lingerie party in 2009 when he was 22, extending an online invitation that joked about "stimulus packages" and used derogatory slang to refer to people who would be turned away. Barnes, now 31, is Tony Evers' running mate."

Re: Mandela for Lt Governor

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:52 pm
by Zoti Bemba
Even more shockingly, he admitted that it was "immature." If Brett Kavanaugh had managed to do that, to be an adult about it, and to fully co-operate with any investigation, it might have saved him and everyone else a lot of grief.

Of course, it's likely that no one who was there remembers the specifics of Barnes' party any more than anyone who wasn't harassed or assaulted remembers the keggers and dorm room drinking parties that appear to have figured so prominently in young Kavanaugh's social circle. The difference is the Internet -- Kavanaugh could never have expected his yearbook boasts to ever get much beyond his graduating class (and wouldn't have, except that people started to look for anything from that period in his life), while Barnes should have known by 2009 that his invitation could easily circle the globe and never die. Millennials are regularly warned about stuff like that.

Re: Mandela for Lt Governor

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:18 am
by Shorty
Looks like business will be good for Madison lingerie stores. What are some of your favorites? Contours, La lingerie, Lover's playground, Selective video, Woman's touch? ... layground/

Re: Mandela for Lt Governor

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:51 am
by gozer
i am waiting for the candidate somewhere to rise up who will short-circuit all of this kind of thing and run as the all-transgressive candidate . . .

" fuck u, mr/ms transvestite talk show host -- i inhaled deep and i liked it -- i did a whole lid of pot with some good angel dust in it, and i drank the bong water and used it to wash down some e to get ready for some k and georgia home boy and then used the elephant ivory mouthpiece pipe for crystal dextromethamphetamine, smack, acid, and c-jam mixed together . . . it makes the time fly at work, at at the c*** & n******* guns, liquor & pr0n company, incorporated -- in corporated, that latin root word is corpus we are people too if u prick us do we not wince -- of intercourse, penisvania 15734 -- where today we are filming television advertisements for the national rifle association -- call our order department at +1.800.suck-my-dick . . ." for a free catalogue . ..
--business is good?
"yes, and the benefits are wonderful: i fuck my boss and we do my secretary every friday, at 16.30 and the manager comes around and gives everyone their choice of a handful of oxy with a uncle miltown or blue bomber chaser and/or a good number of cubes of miss emma and then we walk around the corner and get loaded and hoover up a great deal of c-jam, we fuck all the undocumented workers from iran & north korea right on the desk and the company pays everyone but dosen't take the out taxes . . . or u can do it on the table or in the back seat of a car in a cement mixer . . .
--u get to fuck your boss?
"yes, it is great then do coke and drink sterno together in her office or the women's rest room office out of a hollowed-out rhinoceros horn and use another one to hold the black powder for my musket i use to hunt panda bears to make a make america great again russian fur hat out of their pelt to go to a boxing match with my four wives and for the nation out there i have a hearty "suck my cock" i am pontius pilate and i approved this message"
-- u folks make guns?
"that's right, easy to use . . . get one for everyone in the family -- why stop there, u can get 10 or 12 guns at a 10 per cent bulk discount and we do not hassle our customers with all of that crap the fuckweeds try to throw at gun owners . . . of course we have to change the name of our business and go driving around with the inventory in a motor home every three weeks or so . . . to keep ahead of the pigs . . ."