I miss Jeremy Ryan

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Re: I miss Jeremy Ryan

Postby gozer » Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:50 pm

The One wrote:
gozer wrote:has anything happened since the hearing in december when the judge had him evaluated so to speak? if indeed the radioactive material was for his own consumption it seems to me that life in supermax or down in gitmo watching spongejohn squareashcroft through a metal grille bolted to the wall seems a bit excessive -- this seems more like an electronic ankle bracelet having everything delivered to the house kind of thing . . . a bit vengeful too since his stated objective was to cast suspicion on some of the same agencies . . .

While on it's face it, it looks like Ryan is a nut job that should get the mental health he needs (of course I've been saying that since 2011), what can't be overlooked is that he conspired to frame our government in hope of, at a minimum, damage it or, what I'm sure he hoped for, bring it to an all out collapse.

Jeremy thinks that people give a damn about him and that he is this great leader who will be a martyr.

betwixt that and the cancer and other issues, they probably could take care of him up in or near rochester, minnesota -- they could give him jim bakker & lyndon la rouche's old cell . . .

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