Influenza 1918

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Influenza 1918

Postby Shorty » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:11 pm

100 yrs ago. Interesting show on PBS. ... influenza/

"In September of 1918, soldiers at an army base near Boston suddenly began to die. The cause of death was identified as influenza, but it was unlike any strain ever seen. As the killer virus spread across the country, hospitals overfilled, death carts roamed the streets and helpless city officials dug mass graves. It was the worst epidemic in American history, killing over 600,000 — until it disappeared as mysteriously as it had begun."

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Re: Influenza 1918

Postby gozer » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:37 pm

actually isn't the 1918 flu, also known as avian influenza type a, serotype h2n2, like the bubonic plague and the 1916-1933 sleepy sickness (von economo's encephalitis lethargica and other afflictions like klazomania possibly as sequelae to one of the less common forms of strep throat) still around at global incidence levels in the single figures to low dozens per year, so it could rear its head any time? i'm pretty sure the 1889-90 russian horse flu reappeared in 2009-2010 and made a bunch of people sick, known as h3n8 or h3n11 . . .the first global pandemic, travelled around the world in less than four months on trains and peaked in north america the second week of january 1890 and killed a million people or more i i r c . . . came back in several times until 1903 when it killed george burns' mother . . .

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