The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares

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The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares

Postby Beaver » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:15 pm

A new book examines the massive health care toll today’s work culture exacts on employees. ... body-cares

"The first point, which is consistent with data reported by the World Economic Forum and other sources, is that an enormous percentage of the health care cost burden in the developed world, and in particular in the U.S., comes from chronic disease — things like diabetes and cardiovascular and circulatory disease. You begin with that premise: A large fraction — some estimates are 75 percent — of the disease burden in the U.S. is from chronic diseases.

Second, there is a tremendous amount of epidemiological literature that suggests that diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome — and many health-relevant individual behaviors such as overeating and underexercising and drug and alcohol abuse — come from stress.

And third, there is a large amount of data that suggests the biggest source of stress is the workplace. So that’s how Chapman can stand up and make the statement that CEOs are the cause of the health care crisis: You are the source of stress, stress causes chronic disease, and chronic disease is the biggest component of our ongoing and enormous health care costs."

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Re: The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares

Postby Cadfael » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:50 pm

It's not that nobody cares. It's just that the population in general has been marginalized.

It's hard to do something about it if you're working two jobs, still having trouble making ends meet, uninsured, tired, jaded, and you watched your boss fire somebody for being too damn uppity.

We've got 'em right where they want us. Not quite bad off enough to think we got nothing to lose but unstable enough that protesting carries too much risk for most of us.

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