Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

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Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

Postby Beaver » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:25 pm

Finland is the happiest country in the world, says UN report
Nordic nations take top four places in happiness rankings, with annual study also charting the decline of the US
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/ ... -un-report

"Finland has overtaken Norway to become the happiest nation on earth, according to a UN report. The 2018 World Happiness Report also charts the steady decline of the US as the world’s largest economy grapples with a crisis of obesity, substance abuse and depression. The study reveals the US has slipped to 18th place, five places down on 2016. The top four places are taken by Nordic nations, with Finland followed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Burundi in east Africa, scarred by bouts of ethnic cleansing, civil wars and coup attempts, is the unhappiest place in the world. Strikingly, there are five other nations – Rwanda, Yemen, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Central African Republic – which report happiness levels below that of even Syria....

“America’s subjective wellbeing is being systematically undermined by three interrelated epidemic diseases, notably obesity, substance abuse (especially opioid addiction) and depression,” said Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University in New York, and one of the report’s authors."

https://s3.amazonaws.com/happiness-repo ... HR_web.pdf

Top 10 happiest countries, 2018
(2017 ranking in brackets)

1. Finland (5)
2. Norway (1)
3. Denmark (2)
4. Iceland (3)
5. Switzerland (4)
6. Netherlands (6)
7. Canada (7)
8. New Zealand (8)
9. Sweden (10)
10. Australia (9)

The 10 unhappiest countries, 2018
(2017 ranking in brackets)

147. Malawi (136)
148. Haiti (145)
149. Liberia (148)
150. Syria (152)
151. Rwanda (151)
152. Yemen (146)
153. Tanzania (153)
154. South Sudan (147)
155. Central African Republic (155)
156. Burundi (154)

Henry Vilas
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Re: Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

Postby Henry Vilas » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:43 pm

I've been to numbers 6, 7 and 148. Will travel to #4 this summer.

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Re: Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

Postby Cadfael » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:12 pm

Beaver wrote:The study reveals the US has slipped to 18th place, five places down on 2016.

I find our place int the list interesting. As bad as things have gotten, we're still above the UK and France. I kind of expected to be above UAE, Czech, and Malta but didn't expect France to be unhappier than them.
18. United States (6.886)
19. United Kingdom (6.814)
20. United Arab Emirates (6.774)
21. Czech Republic (6.711)
22. Malta (6.627)
23. France (6.489)

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Re: Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

Postby gozer » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:02 am

so none of it, from what i read above, has anything to do with income inequality, under-employment and job security, automation, outsourcing, the structure of the economy, people's ability to readily do something about their situation (the massive student debt total comes to mind) and seems to conflate, for whatever reason, causes with effects where they do venture a guess -- i call bullshit . . .

all of the top 10 and others high up the list also have saner drugs policies and some even recognise and protect a right to take drugs, so far as they can manage with pernicious treaties like the convention of narcotic drugs in force . . .

the obesity connexion they make also makes even less sense reading the whole report . . . yeah, maybe u will get depressed if u suddenly realise this is a problem with u and that for most people taking off weight and keeping it off is not easy because, amongst other reasons, metabolism needs to be addressed -- folks who need to gain weight for health reasons don't find it to be a piece of cake, either . . . what about b m i and other measures? or the fact that a one size fits all ideal weight chart is prima facie absurd and muddies the waters surrounding this issue to some extent?

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Re: Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

Postby gozer » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:48 pm

haiti may be another example of a community under pressure which could improve its lot if its erstwhile and present oppressors give them the the resources peculated from them over the last 300+ years and then getting out of the way, as they have a great reservoir of wisdom, historical memory, and useful knowledge -- far from hopeless, haiti and haitians are beautiful, proud with adequate reason, the common point of many historical peoples and traditions, uplifting, wise, inspiring, resiliant, and so much else -- give them the resources they need and do not interfere and the "haitian problem" could very well spontaneously resolve itself in a wonderful way . . . after all, the country was founded by the only successful slave revolt . . . other powers caused the problem, so they do need to help get things off the ground . . . the average haitian, like the average inner-city resident and rural resident, has a very clear view of what it will take: it starts with the person in the mirror, the household, the extended family, the block, the neighbourhood, the commuity, the broader community -- exactly what needs to be done . . . wisdom at the street level -- it doesn't take an ivory tower think tank or political party to promulgate a comprehensive programme for communities under pressure . . .

after all, as the mayor pointed out, a haitian founded chicago, the city of broad shoulders . . .

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Re: Happiest, unhappiest countries in the world

Postby Whileme75 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:05 am

I am from Bulgaria and I really feel like the level of happiness in our country has improved.

I recently watched a documentary about the maternity leave in USA (which practically does not exist at all) and I am really shocked how this has not been changed yet. I guess Trump is more concerned about the word peace when he is negotiating with North Korea... Anyways, USA can be one of the biggest economies in the world, but most of the successful entrepreneurs are either drop outs or emigrants - and this speaks volumes for me. Somebody already mentioned that if you want to have a higher degree you will end up paying thousands of dept, when in fact the education in Germany is totally free of charge. I don't even wanna start with the obesity problems and overconsumption.

So I am really not surprised to see this result for USA being on 18. place.

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