Where is Henry Vilas?

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Re: Where is Henry Vilas?

Postby gozer » Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:35 pm

Beaver wrote:I hope Switzerland doesn't have more crimes of passion.

u and me both

we cannot rule out the initial report being garbled in translation, but:

"The attacker on the train used flammable liquids to indiscriminately attack men, women and children . . . .officers said they cannot rule out a "crime of passion".

so the perpetrator wants to fuck everybody he sees? i do not envy the presumptive logistical log jam that such a preference may generate*, but in all seriousness, these folks, in my experience, have been model citizens and exemplary human beings -- and very friendly too . . .

* "can u imagine how many telephone numbers u would acquire? just carry around the telephone directory . . . " die zauberflöte, w a mozart 1791

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