Amazon jungle camping

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Amazon jungle camping

Postby Beaver » Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:24 am

Any trip where you need a group medic sounds fun. I would do this if it weren't for Zika.

2019 Amazon Jungle Bushcraft Expedition: Living with remote tribes of the Amazon ... YzhhNWM0Mg

"August 21st-September 2nd 2019
The Ultimate Jungle Experience!!!

Join Nick Gordon and Joe Flowers for one of the most unique wilderness adventures on the planet! Indigenous men and women from remote regions of the Amazon will be our teachers and the jungle will be our classroom. These men and women are from tribes only recently contacted and there is great potential for this trip to include a few firsts for outsiders!

We arrive in Leticia and stay in a nice hut for the first night. We may go out on a night hike to search for frogs, reptiles, sloths, and electric eels. The next day, we will procure any equipment we need, check packs, and travel up some wild rivers to meet the rest of our team.

From there, we go deep into the jungle for a 7 days. The expedition is not backpacking based, but we do go through very thick jungle and sometimes have to cross rivers when going to search for our campsite. We go out hunting with the indigenous, night hikes in search of jungle life, day hikes, and more. These are generally with little more than water or a day pack. We then return back to the campsite.

Each day we focus on making blowguns, bows, traps, baskets, canoe paddles, and more. We also send groups of two out with the Matis learning to spot and stalk monkeys, maybe grabbing one for a meal with their 12 foot blowguns. Lots of fishing, fish traps, and fish spearing. We also take fish and other game with machetes and slingshots. We’ve eaten everything from tree frogs to 70lb caiman.

This is a bushcraft expedition and cultural immersion. It is not a hunting safari or tough man/woman competition but participants should be in good physical health. Exercises in balance and cardio training prior to the trip will come in handy. If you want a more rigorous trip, we can send you out with Alberto monkey hunting at “his pace” or you can try an overnight solo in the jungle. You will be bushwhacked but it's a lot of fun. We have the ability to really customize this trip to suite your curiosities.

On the last day we return from the jungle. We get to go shopping in Leticia, and go out on the Amazon river where we will be able to fish, play with monkeys, and do some other more “normal” stuff.


Deposit to secure your spot is $400 (Non-refundable after April 1st, 2019)
Final balance must be paid in full no later than August 1st 2019
>Paypal link for deposit is
>Checks and money apps are also accepted. Please pm for details

This includes:
10 days lodging
All meals during the trip
Expert guide team
Group medic
Filtered water at camp
All fees and taxes
TOPS machete and knife valued at $400
All transportation by taxi or boat

Does not include:
Personal clothing and camping gear
Alcoholic beverages
International flight (flights run $500 to $900 out of O'Hare)
Meals outside of the itinerary such as food at the airport
Medical/rescue insurance (Optional $100 Extra)

Note: The 2019 trip is limited to 10 people. (4 spots left) For this reason, we are accepting deposits for 2020 as well."

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Re: Amazon jungle camping

Postby gargantua » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:56 pm

That's actually quite reasonably priced.

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Re: Amazon jungle camping

Postby msnflyer » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:15 pm

Don't forget to put your machete and knife in your checked baggage for the return trip.
But $400 for a machete and knife? I can get them at Harbor Freight for less than $10.

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