Songs For Peace CD/download compilation

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Songs For Peace CD/download compilation

Postby artpaul » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:50 pm

Hi, I’m Art Paul Schlosser and I’ve been concern about vets especially ones that might be homeless and I am also for peace and wish all wars were over so I came up with a plan to helps vets I thought how about a CD/download compilation ? I mean I wrote a couple and I bet you or your friend or your favorite band did to. So I was considering compiling a bunch of songs and handing over to Vets for Peace, however I am very bad at mixing and putting such a CD together. So when I was posting this on facebook I contacted my friend Mike Zirkel who works for Smart Studios and has done some very good CDs in the past and he said he would enjoy mastering the demo for duplication .Did you know that Mike Zirkel won a Madison Area Music Award in 2015 for Producer of the year? One thing though in talking about because he is a professional He did suggest that bands, solo artist , duets or whatever(maybe even a comedian or a poet could summit something) make sure they send in their best quality CD, wave file or mp3. So when it’s all done you may be wondering who will be in charge of the project? Well I was talking to my friends in Vets for Peace and I was saying that when it is done we would turn the demo over to them to do whatever they like with it and yes I am summiting Art Paul song too and I am not receiving any money for this. Hey are you excited ! So do you want to be part of this project? Okay if you want to be on the Songs For Peace Compilation CD/download which I am compiling for Vets for Peace please send your CD indicating which song you want to give for the cause to
Mike Zirkel
5410 Russet Rd,
Madison, WI 53711
or send your mp3 or wave file to
If you have any other question about the project please either contact me by E-mail at or facebook me at

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Re: Songs For Peace CD/download compilation

Postby bdog » Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:32 pm


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