Wrenclaw w/ Willie Walkner Harmony 8/9

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Wrenclaw w/ Willie Walkner Harmony 8/9

Postby ivotedforcarlweathers » Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:22 pm

Wrenclaw will be bringing the country soul heat to the Harmony this Saturday night. For info on the band check it here: www.wrenclaw.com links to tunes, pics, etc.

Opening the show is one of WI's finest and most prolific songwriters. He's also my dad, but the guy is a heavy. As a life long woodworker he made time to write a few hundred songs. He has no internet presence and only a handful of homemade albums, so ya gotta see him if your interest is piqued. He also has one of the finest non-ironic mustaches in the game and is not afraid to rock the Canadian tux daily. Great guy, great sound.

Show is $5.

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