Sustainable dinners at Steenbock's

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Sustainable dinners at Steenbock's

Postby Shorty » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:13 pm

Sounds tasty but $55? I can't sustain paying that much for food, or eating that much in one dinner. ... 3819568239

Thu, October 5, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT

Steenbock's On Orchard
330 North Orchard Street
Madison, WI 53705

Sustainable Dinner Series
The Sea: Respecting our Blue Planet
Four Dinners, Four Courses, Four Wines - $55 – 6:00pm

"As an isthmus surrounded by water, Madison is a microcosm of our planet. Fish are a big part of our history, and this special Sustainable Dinner Series event is an opportunity to explore the importance of caring for the world’s fisheries, as many are endangered. Executive Chef Sean Fogarty’s seafood-based menu features sustainably raised or caught fish and shellfish that lend their rich flavors and healthful protein to a variety of classic and innovative dishes. The dinner will feature four wine pairings highlighting sustainable practices and the science of wine-making."

PRAWN avocado | yogurt | apple | lobster roe
SEA TROUT fermented fries | basil | mayonnaise
MEDITERRANEAN SEA BASS white bean | clams | dry cured sausage | fennel | bouillabaisse
GENOISE CAKE lobster buttercream

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