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"tell all" smackdown 19. february 2018, digest & straining of the quality of tolerance

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:04 am
by gozer
excellent column in execution and content as usual . . . i especially liked the picture on the web page which feartured the story and the link to it because an "m" and "oo" with what looked like two more "o"s with no octothorpe and a distressed person with his hands to his face, maybe trying to keep it all inside -- i actually thought that this witty, evocative, and bleak story was going to be about lactose intolerance, leading to the kind of quick switching of gears that i enjoy so much on occasion as i surf the internets . . .


moooooo! gurgle gurgle explode -- the digestive rhythm's going to get u/tonight . . .