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bloody marys

Postby gozer » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:39 am

The 10 Best Bloody Mary Recipes You Can Make (and Drink) ... ipes.html/

i will have to look into bing a little more, because i used it for the first time in a while and at any real length in my recent web soujourn about satan . . . bing seems to have a logic something quite apart from google, yahoo, and others . . . i like the title because it made me think "of course u can drink it, what are u going to do, spray them up your arse?" well, of course there is

and in any case there are essentially five parts of it that can be considered: the alcohol, the juice & spices, the garnish, the chaser, and what is done with the rim of the glass . . . using pickle and olive brine and puréed pickles, olives, and other fruits and vegetables provide useful options, there is the v8 or tomato juice question, garlic does nothing, at least nothing positive, for it, even as the main ingedient counteracts some of its pharmacological and chemical effects (think of bathing your cat, dog, raccoon, opossum, employees, kids, spouse, yourself, after some fun with the mephitis crew) . . . celery salt seems to be in almost 100 per cent of recipes and also there are several firms which make lemon, lime, pickle, and lemon-lime flavoured salt, and lemon pepper is a rather common spice, and v8 has celery juice in it, along with tomato, spinach, carrot, watercress, beets, parsley, & lettuce . . . consider carbonated water, coca-cola et al, ginger ale, or lemon-lime sodas as a second or main chaser to increase the anti-nauseant effect when using it as a hangover cure . . . various mustards are often used . . .

it also claims it was invented in new york city in 1934, while other claims are paris 1921 and montréal 1923 . . .

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