Brandy, Vodka or Gin?

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Re: Brandy, Vodka or Gin?

Postby gozer » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:14 am

i wonder if the difference in sugar content was the reason that all three were listed in the united states pharmacopoeia, british and canadian national formularies, österreichische arzneibuch, pharmacopoeia helvetica and so forth for so long -- brandy as, amongst about 100 other things, an effective non-narcotic antitussive (about the same efficacy as diphenhydramine and honey -- it does work better to combine it with codeine, dihydrocodeine, any whole opium product, the big d, nicocodeine &c if one has it) and vodka and gin as a stand in for reagent grade ethanol such as in brompton mixture . . . the first time i had it was when i broke a rib coughing with some kind of fulminating bronchitis catalysed by moldy old books when i was a young whippersnapper -- they used gin, phenadoxone, miss emma, chloroform water, axl rose's lime juice or the local equivalent, and tetracaine (the aminobenzoic ester local anaesthetic that is the "t" in tac), i i r c . . . apparently not a strong enough case to mix it up with bolivian marching powder per the original recipe . . . in fact i heard dr snow's original 1896 recipe for brompton mixture or cocktail refers to this ingredient as c-jam . . .

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