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World of Beer

Postby john_titor » Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:06 pm

The person in charge of social media for World of Beer Middleton has certainly earned their money, I saw them post all over a variety of threads and surprising platforms. That and viewing the construction had my curiosity peaked. While I had thought about, but not planned going there on their opening night tonight, Fortuna's ways remain a mystery and her wheel got me there for dinner and beer.

Being a burnt-out veteran of the rough-trade that is the service industry, I have my own internal checklist I go through at any establishment. Couple that with being a smug old goat, I kind of wanted to mark them down and say I told ya so. They did well.

I pulled into the lot and it was packed. The fear of too crowded opening night almost made me not go in, but I did. I was able to find the last open seat at the bar. There are a lot of hard, flat surfaces, right angles and brick. The crowd and the music caused interactions with the staff to be lean in and shouts. The music was not to my taste,but not very much is. Some sort of rock I could not recognize with a little bit of country every now and again. Eventually a James Brown song came on and either Wall of Voodoo or Der Kommissar came on. I can't remember which now, but I liked it and it made me smile. Otherwise a bit too damn loud.

I was pleasantly surprised that the bartender, while busy, acknowledged me and said he would be "right with" me. +1 He did eventually get to me. In reading the social media onslaught, I confused this place (a chain) with The Yardhouse(another chain). It is not. They state the taps rotate nightly. Not sure how they do this? Unhook a keg and rehook it a few day from now? As IPAs are all the rage, I was surprised that they had maybe six on tap. I asked if they had any "local" beers outside of what was on the special sheet and was presented with an iPad. They have an app on it that lists all of the beers. As I get older, I only go to bars for either cheap g&t or draft beer. If I wanted a bottle, I would go to a liquor store. I did not see a lot of Madison beers on tap. Maybe I should just go to next door brewing, but I digress. The tap list was not immense, as I would have expected a place called world of brews to have. The last yardhouse I went to had a lot more, but this is not the yardhouse. Looking at the tap handles it seemed more like Old Chicago (sorry). I had a tall grass and a three floyds. Both were tasty.

The bartender that served me was friendly, without being intrusive +2.

The menu is pretty standard bar fare. I wasn't really up for something heavy,which most items seemed to be. I opted for the BBQ cheeseburger. I usually roll my eyes when asked what temperature. but for the first time in so long, it actually came out pretty dang close to medium rare. Impressive for a busy first ever night. To all burger cooks, touch my burger. I really don't mind you feeling it up, if you get it right. The got it right. Aside from temperature, it was average. The fries looked like they would be under-cooked. They were not, in fact they were perfect.+3

I told myself if the bartender checked on me one last time, I would ask him to call over the Manager and tell him all of the great things he did on a day one. It obviously was not his first rodeo. He never did so I didn't either.

I saw more than one staff grab empty drink glasses bowling ball style. -3

They turned down the bright lights as the night wore on. +4 Surprising how many Wisconsin bars don't do so.

An older skewing Middleton crowd. Lots of men in blue oxfords sans undershirts and a few sports coats. I left before the band started. For some reason they rang the ship's bell intermittently throughout the night,to which the crowd hooped and hollered. I guess they got a tip or cadillaced someone. Not sure.

I can't complain that there is another place to get something besides New glarus on tap, but not sure I am in a rush to go back.

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Re: World of Beer

Postby darkb » Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:35 am

Running the social media for WOB Middleton has been crazy. It is a family-owned business and as such, my siblings and I have been managing that part on our own time.

Thanks for braving the crowd on opening night and for your honest review! I'll be sure to pass all the feedback on to our staff. Come back during lunch hour when it isn't so busy. You'll have a better chance to chat with one of our WOB*STARS about tap rotations, etc.

In regards to the draft line up, we'll typically have more local beers. But with Oktoberfest in season, we decided to tap a bunch of fall styles for the opening.

We appreciate your support! Cheers!

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Re: World of Beer

Postby gargantua » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:07 pm

We went there last Friday. It reminded me of Mr. Brews, only with a more extensive food menu and 22 fewer taps. Service was good, and the food was pretty ordinary pub fare. We'd go back, but it's not going to be a high priority.

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