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nicki minaj

Postby gozer » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:30 am

i find nicki minaj's music to be very interesting and often even compelling for a number of musicological reasons and others, and there is a lot there, in multiple layers, which i like very much, and a lot of the albums one can put on and listened to straight through as well, not the most common combination -- it takes a rare production talent to do that . . .

now there one song to which i recently listened again that held my interest because it is as current as today's headlines:

it is, of course, "stupid hoe" from pink friday: roman reloaded (2011) . . .

amongst other things, it is good to listen to when doing i d p f sometimes, even cathartic . . . sometimes schubert or strauss or brahms just doesn't fit the mood; another foron told that me she sometimes listens to wagner to do i d p f in general but he is not my cup of tea more or less . . . but a number of swedish, croatian, and russian dance/progressive trance bands may be even better . . . in any case, the title is one thing i mull over from time to time . . . that word is "ho" isn't it? it's ho in german and hungarian and all of the slavonic languages, it is usually ho in french and portuguese . . . it is always ho in the handelsblatt , except for the direct quote in the story which figures there is a 75 per cent chance the song refers to lil kim, and reuters and dow jones use ho . . . hoe is the agricultural implement . . . ho is a simple abbreviation of "whore" which appeared almost simultaneously in african american vernacular english, standard american english, and spanish, no? or is it? could it be a kind of complex clip like is done for the names of a lot of organic chemicals, like shortening "1-methyl-4-phenyl-4-propionoxypiperidine" to "m p p p" or "phencyclidine" to "p c p"? is it ho in american english and hoe in commonwealth english or vice versa?

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