Dane Dances

Who's making noise in and around Madison? What's new in the business of making music around town? Review shows and CDs here. Please keep all hype in Hype Exchange.
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Dane Dances

Postby Beaver » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:53 am

Every Friday night in August. Looks like a cold one tonight.


"Our mission is to provide a joyous social experience, through music, dance, and other activities that help facilitate improved racial relations in the Dane County and surrounding areas. As a result of this social interaction, there is an appreciation and respect that is developed for our diverse community. Dane Dances believes that everyone should be able to feel safe and supported and by doing so, simultaneously building diverse relations in the community.

Founded in 1999, Dane Dances is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to keeping Dane Dances free to the public. A generous grant from Madison Gas & Electric and volunteers from the Study Circles on Race Program made the first Dane Dances series possible, attracting people from all walks of life. The Dane Dances would not be possible without committed volunteers and corporate sponsors who reflect the spirit and generosity of the local community. Thousands of people come - young, old, single, couples or with families.

The music is as fun and diverse as everyone who comes to Dane Dances. Enjoy Funk, Latin, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop and Reggae together. We welcome anyone who likes dancing, excellent music and food. You don’t have to dance, just come to have fun and meet new people! Throughout the year, Dane Dances has many family friendly activities such as the Dane Dinners, where participants share a meal and get to know one another through continuing conversations."

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Re: Dane Dances

Postby penquin » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:52 pm

I may be a tad biased*, but this is one of my favorite summer events in Madison. If you haven't gone to one yet, you really should...as the above post states, it is family friendly (face painting for the kiddies is a big hit) with a couple thousand of people usually attending. They also bring in outside vendors with really good eats, in addition to Lake Vista Cafe's fine food. And of course, being Wisconsin, there are a few different types of brews and beers for the adults to choose from.

Two bands and a DJ, underneath the stars with a beautiful view of our city and Lake Monona...and it doesn't cost anything for admittance. How can you beat a deal like that?!

Like Beaver said, it's every Friday in August. DJ starts at 5:30, with bands going on at 6 and 7:30.

*full disclosure: I am employed by the venue. If you hang around long enough afterwards for the crew to start tearing the stage down, please be sure to say "hi"

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