Solidarity Singers or Child Porn

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Steve Vokers
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Solidarity Singers or Child Porn

Postby Steve Vokers » Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:21 am

At the same time the state Department of Justice was prosecuting the Solidarity Singers, they supposedly didn't have enough staff to even investigate tips on Internet crimes against children.

Tips of cybercrime skyrocketed while cases languished

Attorney Dan Bach, who is representing a supervisor fired over investigative delays, claimed there were systemwide problems, including a ballooning caseload, that led to months or years of inaction in ICAC cases involving child pornography, enticement or similar crimes.

How many hours of staff time did Van Hollen devote to prosecuting the Solidarity Singers, that maybe could have gone to clearing up the backlog in child exploitation crimes?

As a father, I'm glad to know that Van Hollen prioritizes the Solidarity Singers over protecting children. I feel much safer.

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Re: Solidarity Singers or Child Porn

Postby penquin » Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:06 pm

This should be an "issues" ad to be aired in the last few weeks leading up to the Gov's election.

"Was there political pressure put on the DoJ to ignore child porn cases in order to focus instead on going after peaceful protesters? Only Scott Walker knows for sure..."

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