Brining to Dr. Barber to Madison

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Brining to Dr. Barber to Madison

Postby ScarletVye » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:48 pm

I am a recent transplant to Madison from Raleigh (as in the past month)...and while I fully supported what the Moral Mondays were going for down there....and in fact I took the time to go stand with the teachers a few Mondays last fall...but I really question bringing Barber to Madison ( ... 2c692f79c5 ). Y'all just don't need this man tainting the grassroot support and operations you've got going here.

I think he's took a lot of missteps down in Raleigh...and he is rather a fundie Christian even if cloaked in a some progressive ideas. He has a loud mouth and gets noticed....but I have not seen him bring anything practical to the table and he is not well respected outside of his own little group....he drives other progressives and supporters away rather then folding them for a larger voice. He will get press...but he will not build support.

The parallels as to what is happening in North Carolina and Wisconsin can not be missed....they are both battleground states that stand a decent chance of moving out of the right-wing/Koch Brothers mess....but Barber is not the answer here is Wisconsin anymore then he's the answer down in Raleigh.

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