FIRE RETARDED - Chillerz Ball 2014 US Tour!

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FIRE RETARDED - Chillerz Ball 2014 US Tour!

Postby defactobrigade » Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:01 am

FIRE RETARDED is touring for most of January on our debut 7" "High Horse" released via GloryHole Records! This tour will feature the brutal 4-piece lineup of Tyler, Alex, Erick and Bobby....which will be the lineup recording the debut LP coming Spring 2014!


12.31 - Madison, WI @ Mickey's w/ Cribshitter, Venus In Furs
1.3 - Chicago, IL @ The Hideout w/ Absolutely Not
1.4 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Satellite w/ The Sudafeds, Hank Denim
1.5 - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon St.
1.6 - Bloomington, IN @ TBA w/ Vacation
1.7 - Bowling Green, KY @ Rocky's w/ Chuck Falcon
1.8 - Nashville, TN @ House Show w/ No Regrets Coyote
1.9 - Memphis, TN @ Buccaneer w/ The Sheiks
1.10 - Oxford, MS @ CS Burgers w/ Overnight Lows
1.11 - Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas w/ Spray Paint
1.12 - Fort Worth, TX @ TBA w/ War Party
1.13 - Dallas, TX @ w/ Taqueria Pedritos W/ Party Static
1.14 - Little Rock, AR @ Lightbulb Club w/ Pagiins
1.15 - Springfield, MO @ Outland Bar w/ Dirtnap
1.16 - Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Witch Jail, Psychic Heat
1.17 - Omaha, NE @ O'Leavers w/ Coaxed
1.18 - Dubuque, IA @ Eronel

You can stream the 7" via Impose here: ... rse-7-inch

MAXIMUM RnR REVIEW of the "High Horse" 7":
Debut single of stoned garage throb outta Wisconsin. Featuring the gent from THE HUSSY. FIRE RETARDED's attack is varied, but successful on all fronts. Fuzz is the key here, but they can move from a rough tune to a catchy borderline rave-up without causing skitzo double-takes. Enthusiasm is spilling outta this one. (MC)

We will have copies of the 7" for sale on the tour, we don't foresee them lasting much longer than this tour and other records are already in the works. So pick up the debut before you regret it later. We will also have T-Shirts!


TERMBO REVIEW of the debut cassette:
V/A Fire Retarded/New Years Gang split cassette
Two fresh-faced Madison bands chuck their communicable pennies in the pot and buy a stash of 30 minute Maxells. Fire Retarded bring on a brutal trash that threshes around equal parts ?Sconnie cowpunk and junker garage. Reatard-o attack, but more spacious and well, Midwest feeling. Mid-to-Shit Fi recordings that could be from a 4-track, but on these ghetto tape purchases (and with zero mastering) who da? fuck knows?Still its descent slop for some youngins. Reminds me of newer stuff out here in Oakland like Burnt Thrones Club or The Molestations. The total polar opposite of the in vogue Oh Sees worship brewing around the globe, and I could commend them on that alone. The flip is New Years Gang and they fly closer to the Budget Rock slop, like Supercharger or something, but with a sturdy regional pop punk backbone. Less raspy in its delivery than the Retarded side ? but not far removed, since the bands both share members. So repeat what I said up top here as well. Welcome to the Carousel, lads. (RSF)

MAXIMUM RnR REVIEW of the debut cassette:
This pair of bands from Wisconsin share members and some influences: there's some fuzzed out grunge riffing, there's some lo-fi garage rocking, and there's even an iota of pop punk melodic bliss. FIRE RETARDED plays raucous and noisy evil twin to NEW YEARS GANG's warm, but by no means breezy, and energetic sound. Not so keen on the band names, but the music shows promise.

CASSETTE GODS REVIEW of the debut cassette:
Kitschy Manitou Records is sending out the rock from Madison, WI. The label seems fairly new, at least new to me, and they definitely specialize in the punk, fuzzed-out garage, VOLUME smear I call rock. They put out a split by Fire Retarded/The New Years Gang that caught my ear. I liked the Fire Retarded side better. The band offers up some noisy riffs and a few decent arrangements. Check out "Looks & Locks," which is my favorite song on the whole album. Good playing. The New Years Gang is more on the "punk" part of the color wheel. They aren't revelatory or anything, but they make a decent racket. I guess it comes down to a matter of taste. For me, askew punk-garage is more interesting than more "normal" punk, but to each his own..

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