Are Facebook Political Pages Counterproductive

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Are Facebook Political Pages Counterproductive

Postby Maggie » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:07 am

It seems that campaign facebook pages get more comments from detractors than supporters. Many of the comments are quite disgusting. All sides of the political spectrum do this.

Why even bother with them?

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Re: Are Facebook Political Pages Counterproductive

Postby gargantua » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:47 am

Because everybody else uses social media I suppose. I never look at pol's Facebook pages myself, but I do get a lot of Tammy Baldwin posts in my newsfeed that I ignore.

Nothing against Tammy, but I already can predict her stance on a given issue, and her posts are no more or less self-serving than any other politico.

Besides, look at all those cute kittens!

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Re: Are Facebook Political Pages Counterproductive

Postby gozer » Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:43 pm

it's just like anything else, like microsoft office, lotus notes, unix, fortran, cobol, c, perl, windows nt, telnet -- garbage in, garbage out.

lots of questions about facebook in particular i have seen in media of late:

is facebook addictive, as an "expert" on the topic made the rounds of the talk shows last summer claiming? well, that word gets so misused it is impossible to answer. for that and other reasons i think that the licensure procedures for anyone who can attempt to treat people for addictions should include being shot up with morphine every four hours for six months then given a big load of narcan so that they know what addiction, physical habituation, withdrawal, and all that really is. maybe require that for clowngress and the d e a and f d a commissars too. that might lead to more compassion . . . well at least we can hope.

does facebook cause depression? only if people cause depression, i suppose . . . gigo again and all that -- maybe the issue is that people need to start being nicer to one another. the way some people treat each other and expect people to treat each other is beastly. well, that is an insult to beasts. u never see a raccoon cyber-bullying an opossum. i guess there is a button on facebook one can hit for "i don't know this person" or "decline" or whatever that, at least as of a few months ago when i got the e-mail about it, sent out a message that i for one would consider relatively vicious and heavy-handed, although not being a user of the service it is hard to say with certainty. maybe it does bring out the worst in some people? who knows? not me.

are facebook political pages counterproductive? if i were running for something i would use something like that simply to say i was covering all the bases and put the effort into an effective world wide web site and conventional advertising.

does facebook cause people to commit adultery? probably not any more than microsoft excel does . . .

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