i love trouble -- a philosophical discussion

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i love trouble -- a philosophical discussion

Postby gozer » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:20 pm

what is the most likely to get a thread locked or somebody booted these days?

i. the "u all suck shit" thread
ii. semi-pornographic or pornographic text
iii. pornographic pictures
iv. instructions for illegal activities, political subversion, sexual anarchy, and other forms of cultural terrorism
v. attacks on i d p f mandarins or isthmus print stars or other things of the same sort
vi. attacks on average i d p f members
vii. trolling*
viii. copyright violations
ix. the purple typhoon of profanity & vituperation®

* (whatever that is. my head hurts. i'll go into it later)

list adapted from 1998: the year of living dangerously (never ended), appendix xvi

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