Shots fired on Langdon Street

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Shots fired on Langdon Street

Postby Shorty » Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:31 pm

I was on Univ Ave tonight at 6:30 and saw the police cars whiz by towards Langdon St. Memorial Union is on lockdown.
Shots fired on Langdon Street
8:20 p.m. Update: UWPD is responding to a report of shots fired at 130 Langdon Street. The suspect was last seen heading west on Lakeshore path in the direction of the Lakeshore residence halls. All are asked to shelter in place and stay indoors until the situation is resolved.

The situation is not an "active shooter" but a search for a suspect. Suspect description: A black male wearing black clothing with a black/white baseball cap, black jacket, dark backpack. Police continue to search west of Memorial Union along lake path.

More information will be posted as it is available.

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Re: Shots fired on Langdon Street

Postby Ninja » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:31 pm

The latest MPD incident report provides a lot more info: ... m?id=14758

I think Madison is going through some growing pains in the drug game, which has been a situation that's been developing over the last several summers. Lots of targeted home invasions (and very important backpacks now, I guess). That'll happen, and it can be pretty ugly while it works itself out.

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