If Jason Doesn't Know Us By Now

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If Jason Doesn't Know Us By Now

Postby Meade » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:04 am

Take a beautiful walk or watch a funny movie and then tell us about it. I really want to read that stuff. But I really don't care what you think about assault weapons. And nobody else does, either. - Jason Joyce, admin

"If Jason Doesn't Know Us By Now"

All the things
That we've been through
You should understand us
Like we understand you
Now Jayce, we know the difference
Between right and wrong
We ain't gonna do nothing
To break up our happy f'rum
Don't get so excited
When we log on
A little late at night
Just cos we act like children
When we argue fuss and fight

If you don't know us by now
You will never never never know us

We've all got our
Own funny moods
Hen V 's got his,
Jayce, you got yours too
Just trust in us like we trust in you
As long as we've been together
It should be so easy to do

J, get yourself together
Or we might as well all say goodbye
What good is an internet forum
When everyone must see eye to eye

If you don't know us by now
You will never
Never never know us

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