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Postby kissyfish » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:18 am

I wanted to put in a good word for this restaurant. The family and I ate their yesterday (easter) and had a good meal in a very friendly atmosphere.

It is all buffet style, and it is a bit hard to know exactly what you are eating, but it was all very good.

The buffet had a vegetable/fish dish which I put on some veggie fried rice, it was very good. There was also some bbq pork, little pieces, some very fatty, and others leanish, again very good, my son must have eaten about 1/2 pound of them.

There was a lovely salmon dish, some deep fried plantains, some vermicelli noodeles with whole shrimp (tasy tasy), some deep fried shrimp, 2 types of soup. a vegetable dish with aubergine and okra, and a table full of desserts, all very good.

There was karaoke going on while we ate (new kid in town, killing me softly with his songs, and a phillipino song). Fun.

The whole family ate (2 adults and 2 kids) for under $30.

The kids already want to go back, and we will.

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