The Daily Show, Clark Griswold, beerpong, Sun Tzu

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The Daily Show, Clark Griswold, beerpong, Sun Tzu

Postby Remember_Me » Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:54 pm

What do you "like"?

(CNN) -Your Facebook "likes" might be revealing more than you know about your private life.

It is possible to predict potentially private traits such as a person's sexual orientation, political leanings, religion, intelligence, emotional stability and even if they abuse drugs or alcohol, just by analyzing their Facebook likes, according to a new study out of the University of Cambridge.

A person's Facebook likes can also be used to predict intelligence, say the researchers. Liking "The Daily Show," "science," "Morgan Freeman's Voice" and the mysterious "Curly Fries" indicates someone is highly intelligent. Lower intelligence was suggested by likes for "Clark Griswold," "Harley-Davidson" and "Bret Michaels," according to the study.

Likes for "beerpong," "Chris Tucker" and "cheerleading" were strong predictors of an extrovert while "role playing games," "Anime" and "Voltaire" pointed to introverted personality types. "Kurt Donald Cobain" and "Vampires Everywhere" indicated neurotic personalities, "Wes Anderson" and "serial killer" were liked by spontaneous people, and competitive types liked "Sun Tzu" and "I hate everyone."


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