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Hydrocodone Posts

Postby pjbogart » Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:00 am

Yeah, you know the drill... don't post in this thread unless you happen to be high on hydrocodone, like me. I broke my butt on a nasty patch of ice and did a number on my knee and ankle too. You'd think that an ass as big as mine would soften the fall, I mean some people have a nice pillow back there, but I've got a king sized mattress. It's not a loveseat, it's a couch, and one of those sectional couches that wraps around the entire living room. But alas, my gigantic ass was not soft enough to lessen the blow and now I'm stuck in a fracture boot with only three beers in my fridge... and why bother cracking a beer when you only have three?

The lady at Walgreen's was kind enough to stuff two half gallons of milk through the drive through tray along with my mind altering drugs. I have plenty of food, but if you're trying to heal a fractured leg, I suppose you should drink lots of milk. Very pretty girl, but apparently no Florence Nightingale or I'd be busy right now.

I think I'll use my rather mundane tragedy to turn over a new leaf. No more jabbing at Doppel, even though he's such a good sport about it. And as long as I'm stuck in my house for a few days, I'd say four to five minimum, I'm going to either do some cleaning or create a new Skyrim character and waste the entire time pretending to kill stuff. I'm thinking the latter.

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