British TV Ad Awards

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British TV Ad Awards

Postby GenericUsername » Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:54 am

I thought this event would cause me to have a short attention span for the rest of the fest, but I was wrong.

I could go on about how advertising people manipulate our senses and co-op our emotions (AOL and Orange come to mind for their ads), but I'd rather just put that subject aside and say that this is worth seeing if you have a chance.

There is amazing talent across the pond. Some ads (mostly public service announcements) were very in-your-face to make their point. Heck, the ones about poverty, child abuse, and landmines brought tears to my eyes. Yep, I admit that a commercial (albeit a PSA) did that to me.

I'm sure some of the ads could not be viewed or even created here because it may offend too many people (Lynx body spray), but the British don't hold back in commercials.

Two that the audience cheered about: Guinness (amazing graphics and great punchline) and a Honda "sound" commercial (this was a viral video many people received through email).

Of course there is much technical and marketing aspects that are taken into account when the commercials are judged, but I'm still a bit confused about the winner.

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