The Boss of it All

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The Boss of it All

Postby GenericUsername » Sat Apr 14, 2007 3:03 am

Without spoiling anything for you, which might be my opinion here, I thought it was a cool movie.

The "mathmatical" camera shots created such different perspectives that you couldn't help but feel like a fly on the wall and yet still feel involved as one of the IT workers (or were they IT props with that understated Danish acting?). I was suprised at von Trier's random use of quick edits. I felt as if I was blinking a lot or missed some action or image. Though this film contained a couple of elements that went against his Dogma 95 laws. But I think he meant to do it in order to do the comedy he wanted.

You must watch closely for the first 15 minutes or so to understand what is exactly happening, but once you understand you'll be taken on a ride on a fly's back. The story is concise along with the dialogue. You will have some emotional attachment to some of the characters and even feel let down by some.

An interesting piece of film making, like past year's entries by Danish contingents. I quite enjoyed the film.

It may help to be familiar with Icelandic Sagas! Which I was lucky to know about.


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