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Air Guitar Nation

Postby GenericUsername » Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:15 am

I'm glad I was able to make it tonight to this documentary. It was certainly worth it to see this type of competition come to fruition, follow two important characters to the Air Guitar World Championship and how they turned out.

There was a very nice portrait of each of the two contestants followed. They didn't dive too deep into their backgrounds or family life, but gave us enough to feel what they were feeling and what drove them to get to this point in their life.

The film transitioned well where needed, such as from one competition to the next and from the highs and lows that were faced by all contestants. The movie even managed to fit in some social commentary, which couldn't be helped because of the reason why air guitar championships were created.

The video was very well done and didn't seem amateur. The documentary entertained as well as taught - what exactly did I learn that I will use again? Just that there are events such as this that the average closet guitar hero has an outlet to express themselves in. Also a euphemism for all the average folk in the world can aspire to be somebody in something, someday!

It was interesting to see how the competition developed between rivals and how they handled each performance. It had it's funny moments - from the sheer ludicrousness to the seriousness the event takes on. It remeinded me of "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen" (bowling doc) and gave the same vibe - but this one was truely rockin' and flashy.

Fun movie, good music, great characters, and some good stories to go with it all.

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