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Run Ronnie Run

Postby Cameron Connors » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:22 am

Some great stuff in the Rotary Club speech. ... icle=40767

I always forget that the reason people are poor is that they are promiscuous, and not because they don't make very much money and have few employment options:

"Worker protest at Dunkin Donunts moves on to Burger King. Talked to one BK worker...he makes $7.75/hr, says he is only BK worker striking."- ... 1821744128

Also good to be reminded that he never brought up "death panels." ... 9976325120

Well, not those exact words maybe: ... panel-myth

Then there's the stuff kind of complementing Obama, but then saying a few days ago about how he's having those jihadists come after him and other conservatives. ... 2899553281

Well, I guess we should just be glad he's doing his service in the memory of 9/11, so noble. ... 0061535232

You know, to keep fighting against, um, are they jihadists too still, or is that just environmentalists now?

Blasted sunspots have me all confused, i guess.

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