Metro bus routes 3,16 & 38 DETOURS ENDED

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Metro bus routes 3,16 & 38 DETOURS ENDED

Postby Big_Sister » Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:27 pm

HEADS UP for Monday morning, August 26, and work, school, etc.

Madison Metro bus routes 3, 16 and 38 which have been detoured around Walter Street construction since late June are back on regular routes effective Saturday, August 24.

This is per actual service on route 16 on Saturday, August 24, AND phone call to Metro customer service (266-4466).

There was no notice of this in Friday afternoon's standard mass email to everyone signed up for it. As of about 3:15PM Saturday, all I can find on the website is that "detours are expected to last through the end of August."

....Guessing they're too busy with new (August 25) schedules, routes, ride guide.

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Re: Metro bus routes 3,16 & 38 DETOURS ENDED

Postby snoqueen » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:51 pm

Go to:,- ... te=8/25/13

This is the Madison Metro link to Google Maps, which they use on their online trip planner service.

from 4000 Atwood Ave (Walgreens on Cottage Grove)
to East Transfer Point

(Atwood-Cottage Grove is the point at which the inbound buses left their normal routes during the Walter St construction.)

Enter whatever time and date you like.

It calculates your route using Walter St., not the detour route up Dempsey.

This shows their trip planner service, which is generally accurate, is using the regular routes once again.

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